Victims of Finland's police corruption

Victims of Finland's police corruption

Is WinCapita Madoff of Finland or only victim of police corruption?

Over ten thousand investors got very good returns from WinCapita.

Then there was attack done by hackers to website of WinCapita.

There was co-operation of police and hackers. Website of WinCapita disappeared at 7th of March 2008.

Now police is robbing and freezing property of those people who were members of WinCapita.

At the moment 11th of March 2009 there is 6 friends of mine sitting behind of the bars without trial.

Police is suspecting that WinCapita was similar than Madoff case. Magnitude of WinCapita is 100 million EUR (130 million USD) and Madoff is 50 billion.

Let's get some aspect to this case. Are those customers of Madoff also in danger to go behind the bars. Is it possible that property of customers of Madoff will be frozen by police? I don't think so.

But this is exactly what is happening in Finland. Homes of WinCapita customers have been raided by police. Police is handling those investors as criminals.

Seed of hate spread out in Finland

March 2009Posted by Risto Hentunen Thu, March 12, 2009 04:10:38

Similarities with Nazi Germany are very visible in Finland right now. There is continual threat of violence against investors who are suspected to get any profits. Besides of physical violence against investors there is also at least 8 suicides and countless suicide attempts when those investors who have pain of feeling of lost fortune and then they are chased and insulted in their work places and on the streets.

Police made only small public notice that people should not rely to violence. Same time they are cancelling passports and erasing all the financial means of ordinary investor to hide or protect those who are after them.

Hannu Kailajarvi who escaped persecution to Sweden had fast trial there where they decided to send him to Finland. Request of Finland police where they asked to keep that court case confidential without releasing any information to public was not accepted by court in Sweden. But proposal of Hannu Kailajarvi when he wanted to show all the evidence was denied. This all happened in December of 2008 and they keep still Hannu in the jail same time when police keeps raiding innocent people.

Police is haunting more and more names of people by using enormous pressure in interrogations. Those who felt that they are victims of this situation are now accused of several different crimes. No mercy and all property to the government is the secret slogan of the system right now. There is no space for normal individual to get any kind of American style success with his own efforts. This WinCapita case is not only one.

Countless of innovative persons who have had change to make it are chased as rats. There is no space for economical prosperity in Finland for ordinary citizen and it is only few chosen members of power elite who keeps the strings which co-ordinates the system of most hideous corruption of the all civilization.